What is RSS or Really Simple Syndication?


RSS is a way of distributing contents which identifies the most important parts of a piece of news, such as the title or the body of a legal piece of news.

Through an RSS reader or aggregator, the user can sign up for our newsletter and look for new RSS content.

In order to subscribe via RSS you need an RSS reader or aggregator. RSS readers can be web pages, computer software or browsers.

Some RSS readers or aggregators are:

- Browsers: Firefox. This browser allows you to subscribe to the RSS by using the bookmark or favorites function.
- Web pages: Bloglines, MyYahoo or Google Reader. You only need to sign up for these services and to add subscriptions. This way you will be able to access your RSS from any computer and even from Internet-connected mobile devices.
- Software: FeedReader. You need to download the software to a computer or mobile device, install it and subscribe to the RSS (add feed or subscribe). You will only be able to check subscriptions made through a computer.


Subscription step by step

Click the orange RSS button or copy the URL address that shows at the top of the browser. You can also put the cursor over the orange RSS button and, with the mouse's right button, open the alternative menu and select "copy address link".

Open your reader or aggregator. Enter the URL you just copied in the section "add feed" or "subscriptions in your reader". When you save it, check that the RSS is in your subscription list.


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Conditions of use

Relationship between Tirant Lo Blanch and the RSS user. This are the general conditions that regulate the contractual relationship that gives right to use the news contents from Tirant Lo Blanch in RSS format, news offered through its web pages http://tirantonline.cl/rss.

The aim of the present general conditions is the provision of legal news in RSS format from behalf of Tirant.

The users commit to:

- Personal use of news: they will be able to use the news in their personal computer through third-party software which uses RSS files to show news /tickers/ with no kind of retransmission of them.
- Use in webpage: the use of news in web servers is allowed. It is also allowed that each and every one of the links are "clickable" completely and directly referring to the URL indicated in the RSS file.

Tirant lo Blanch does not have a commitment with the user to maintain this service, therefore, the user will be able to file any type of complaint and/or remuneration for its cancellation and/or malfunctioning.